Tuesday, May 29, 2012

950.00   Cimarron River  24''x 30''   oil on canvas
950.00   Rocky spring  30''x 24'' oil on canvas

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sold     One Way   11''x 14
Sold  Coffee Creek   5''x 7''
Sold    Small Stream  5''x 7''
Sold   Old Blue   5''x 7''
Sold  Ghost Train    10''X20''
235.00    Western Sky    9'' x12''

Monday, May 7, 2012

SOLD      Iron Horse     11''x14    oil on panel
320.00       Braided       9''x12''   oil on panel
Sold    The Vineyard       16''x20''    oil on canvas
Sold     The Old Man's 45      9''x12''    oil on panel
Sold             9''X12''  Cool Waters    oil on panel
Sold    Before The Fall    11''x14''    oil on panel
  Sold     The Window    9''x11''   oil on panel
Sold      Early November   11''x14''     oil on panel  
  Sold       No one will Know     9''x12''   oil on linen
    Sold        Morning Solace   11''x14''   oil on linen
   The Journey      11''x14''   oil on panel   320.00
 Sold    Prairie Nights     11''x 14'' oil on panel
       Sold          Red Stripe      11''X14''  Oil on Panel      
    The Song     9''x12''  oil on panel     320.00
      Sold            Mountain Man      16''x12''
                               Coming a Shore   11'' x 14''     320.00 
SOLD          Turner Falls 16''x 20''    
                            Rest 16''x 20''      495.00   oil on canvas
                                  2500.00 Yesterday's Summer  30''x40''