Monday, June 1, 2015

SOLD. Coastline. 12x16

SOLD. Wisdom. 10x8.

SOLD. Winter Trail. 9x12.

$450.00. Red Earth II. 16x12.

$495.00. The River. 16x20.

$275.00. Misty Morning. 8x16.

$235.00. Spring Chicken. 10x8.

SOLD. Chicken Little. 5x7.

$320.00. The Dancer. 9x12.

$320.00 Buffalo Soldier. 12x9.

SOLD. Inspiration. 5x7.

Sold $350.00. Paseo Church. 20x10.

SOLD. Yellow Rose. 12x12.

SOLD. Spring Rose. 7x5.

$115.00. Mt. Scott. 5x7.

SOLD. Just Peachy. 5x7.

SOLD. Winter Bench. 9x12.

SOLD. Farmer's Friend. 5x7.

$750.00 Chief. 20x16.

SOLD. African Elephants. 24x36.

SOLD. Elephant Walk. 5x7.

$375.00. Great Presence. 12x16.

SOLD. This Old Truck. 9x12.

$350.00. Mystery House. 12x16.

SOLD. Hamlet. 5x7.

SOLD. Cape Buffalo. 5x7.

$115.00. Yawn. 5x7.

     $495.00. Time. 16x20. Oil.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sold Days gone by 9x12
Sold 320.00  Overlook 11x14
275.00 The creek 9x12