Monday, May 19, 2014

Sold Days gone by 9x12
Sold 320.00  Overlook 11x14
275.00 The creek 9x12
275.00 Midwest skies 9x12
275.00 Rear window 9x12
275.00 River passage 9x12
275.00  Coming storm 9x12
320.00 Warm shadows 11x14
Sold  Open house 9x12
Sold The truth 9"x"12
320.00  Colorado falls 11"x14"
Sold Quiet time 9"x"12
275.00  A walk with friends  9"x"12
Sold  By The Lake 8"x10"
275.00  A short walk   9"x"12
Sold Plein air study   9"x"12
Sold   Grateful  9"x"12
275.00   Arkansas spring  9"x12"
Sold 285.00    The Bison  9"x12"
275.00  The red door  9"x"12

320.00   Cabin in the woods 11''x14''
275.00  waiting for spring 9"x"12