Friday, April 5, 2013

SOLD       5X7  The Falls

Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Sold           9X12     Memories
  125.00  7X5                 On The Edge
       SOLD        Old Farm Road
          125.00    5X7         In The Hills
SOLD          5X7              Across the Canyon
SOLD               5X7        November Snow
        SOLD          5X7    The Plains
       SOLD            7X5     Vino

    SOLD               7X5   Nature's Gold
  SOLD        5x7             Deep Reflections
   125.00    5X7            Around the Bend
  SOLD            5X7               Alone
SOLD          9X12          Gold Rush
      275.00     9X12          Majestic Stone
SOLD            9X12        Solitude 
SOLD                   9X12   Taking a Break
           275.00   9X12       God's Work
           275.00   9X12        Nature's Path
SOLD                   9X12        Restful
SOLD           9X12        Hazy Morning
SOLD               9X12       The Choice
            275.00   9X12       Savoring The Morning
SOLD                9X12     Autumn Shadows
              275.00   9X12    Summer Stroll
               275.00   9X12   Float Trip
  SOLD              9X12    Midday Splendor
            275.00     9X12   The Harvest
SOLD             9X12    Cool Rain
           275.00   9X12        An Afternoon Hike
SOLD           8X10     West Coast
SOLD        14X11 Water Serenade
          Sold 275.00 9X12  Distant Mountains
     Sold  9X12   A Quiet Moment